Tuesday, October 09, 2012

GTG - Day 26 - Cloncurry to Kajabbi

We reckie the town of Cloncurry to find a pharmacy for Pete, but everything’s still closed for an hour, so it’s head down bum up towards Quamby. Luckily, it’s a fantastic tail breeze, and Pete and I smash it out to finish first at Quamby pub. (not a bad effort after starting 3rd last .. he he).
DSC09059 DSC09062
DSC09063 DSC09065
We’re too early for the pub to be open, but Rosi snoops around the back and finds the manager, and convinces them to open. (a good move on their part, me thinks).
DSC09069 DSC09071
Heading off from the Quamby pub is still with a gorgeous tail breeze, and before we know it we’ve turned west towards Kajabbi, and sadly, some more dirt!
It’s quite a surprising (albeit it a dusty thrill) to see a big rig come past. Where the heck is that going…?
And then it’s a bit of a moment for the ROC bus. Oops. The track just collapses, and it’s a tricky 45 minutes digging it out!
DSC09074DSC09077 DSC09080DSC09083
Luckily, team GTG have it safely recovered with no breakages, or injuries. Good work boys and girls.
After a bite to eat, it’s across the river for us, which was just a little fun, wading waist deep with the bikes carried above the water!
DSC09088  DSC09089
Chivalry is not dead, as Andy, Kym and Ian ferry some of the girls’ bikes across for them.
It’s a soggy trudge over the floodplain to the road going to Kajabbi.
Once we arrive at Kajabbi, and a bit of exploring let by Andy later, we find the mighty Leichart river. Unfortunately, it’s not as deep as where we crossed, but Pete, Rosi and I use some good old fashioned civil engineering to create a decent little pool to splash about in. It’s not the Hoover, but we were proud of it!
P5050779 P5050780
Tonight is the cowboy night, and cheesy $20 outfits abound. Fun is had by all, and after some much needed social lubricant, we sit down to watch the movie “Ten Canoes”. 
Now… just what are Peter and “midnight” looking at ? Rick (quite scarily) seems to enjoy trying to fit into a very small denim skirt… 
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(Interim post - Total track so far)

A bit out of order, but here is where we are up to...

Gulf to Gulf 2011 - Half way! at EveryTrail

.. and more daily entries to follow as I can!

GTG - Day 25 - Mt Isa to Cloncurry

Something’s a little sinister in the … belly… department this morning, so hopefully some of the tablets in the first aid kit help. Not what the doctor ordered ahead of a 5 hour ride. Hmm.
Stopping at the lookout on the way out of town gives us a real appreciation of the scale of the mine here, and of how close the town is to the mine.
This is by far the busiest traffic day we’ve had, with every second vehicle being a road train… and these guys mean business.
DSC09037 DSC09039
Still, it’s rather beautiful country, and for the first time in a long time, we get some true sweeping hills. This is more like riding at home!
These days, even a sign saying 101 km’s to go doesn’t phase us, and Andy and I set off into the hills!
Our stop for lunch is a lovely little rest, and the mood is still upbeat even after some road train near misses and a few big hills.
DSC09046 P5040749
DSC09055 DSC09057
We have now completed the triangle from Dajarra, and it’s not far to go Cloncurry. It’s been a long day!
The Oasis caravan park is a welcome sight, with everyone ready for a well deserved sit down.
After a beautiful chilli con carne dinner (well done crew) we sneak off to the hotel/motel across the road for a glass of wine and some sticky date pudding.It’s going to be hard to stop eating so much after this trip… but that’s a problem for later on….!
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GTG - Day 19 to 20–Bedourie to Boulia

Boulia seems within reach, but Mt Isa still seems like a pipe dream… oh well, nothing for it but to leg over and p[edal some more!
Day 19
Bitumen + tail wind = good, and we chew through 55km’s before morning tea.
Day 19 Day 19
More cows reek havoc, and break up the monotony. It really is amazing that they just wander around – must be quite a job to muster them all up!
Day 19 Day 19
Hills aren’t usually that interesting really, however we see some quite stunning ranges as we coast on, and our spirits are a little lifter until …. the BLISTR… the Bloody long straight road. AAAARGH. When you can see the horizon, and the road keeps going, it’s somewhat disconcerting.
Day 19
At least it’s bitumen. Doh. Spoke too soon.
Day 19Day 19
Another real bush camp – we’re starting to get more spread out now that we know who snores and who get’s up too early - and a great fire ends another typical day riding, and the crew once again cook up a storm in their camp ovens, making us all sleepy. Pete tells a hilarious campfire story, reminiscing the challenges and trials of finding the camp toilet in the dark…
Time for bed. Big day tomorrow. We’re going to get up early, and go for a ride….!
The road is sealed for a while, but before long, back on the dirt…
Day 20Day 20
As we creep north, there are more little creeks and gully’s, which is nice.
Day 20 Day 20
The group is getting better at riding as a bunch, especially when there is a head wind, or it’s the end of a long day.
Day 20 Day 20
Boulia creeps up – phew. It’s been a bit of a slog today. Every town has some form of attractions, but Boulia seems quite well endowed, with a famous Burke and Wills landmark, and the Min Min lights exhibit. Oh, yeah, and apparently cheap fuel! Bah… who needs it.
Day 20  Day 20
After setting up and dinner, a visit to the Min Min lights exhibit, and some shopping for essentials….
Day 20 Day 20
it’s off to the pub to watch some wedding that’s on. Apparently there’s something important about a dress, according to all of the girls. Luckily, the bar is still serving beer, and the seats down the back are comfortable enough, seeing it’s standing room only at the screens near the bar. Rick nearly get’s kicked out of the pub for putting the jukebox on just as the wedding vows are happening. Too funny.
A short stagger, and it’s off to bed. Much to the bemusement of most of the people in the caravan park, a refrigerated road train pulls in right outside the campground fence. With three massive chiller units cutting in and out all night, there’s more than one set of bleary eyes in the morning. 
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GTG - Day 27 - Kajabbi to The Burke & Wills Roadhouse

Up before dawn again, and as you can tell below, Pete’s happy about it!
As we leave the scene of the crimes of the dress up party last night, it’s farewell Kajabbi, and bring on Burke and Wills Roadhouse.
 DSC09112 DSC09113
It’s probably one of the bumpiest roads we’ve had, and by the time we cross back to the other side of the Liechart we’re looking forward to the bitumen again.
Rick chips in (as usual) and tries to keep us cool…. bloody water pistol…! (lol… we really love it..)
Burke and Wills Roadhouse is a good old fashioned truck stop, and after a few dim sims and a chicko roll, it’s clothes washing and a much needed shower before dinner.
DSC09120 DSC09121
Pete and Kym hit the diner, and after more than one burger each, waddle off to bed with a full belly!
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